Gordon Hempton and the Art of Recording Nature

Hoh Rain Forest

Photograph of me recording at the Hoh Rain Forest, taken by Gordon Hempton.

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to spend several days working with and learning from Gordon Hempton–The Soundtracker. He is known for his Quiet Planet libraries, among many other things, which offer some of the quietest recordings on the market. By quiet I mean that no man-made noise has made its way into his recordings. He has been the subject of several documentaries, and for good reason. He’s been recording the sounds of nature for a long time now and he has it down to a science, literally.

While I was working with Gordon he showed me a lot of new techniques and, possibly more importantly, he taught me how to listen to (and for) particular things while recording. I’m looking forward to having a short break from the various sound design projects that I’m currently working on so that I can write a little bit more about the time that I spent learning from him. I also plan on posting a few recordings that I made while mentoring under Gordon for everyone to check out.

Picture of me recording a waterfall in Olympic National Park, taken by Gordon Hempton.

Until I have time to edit some more of the audio and write the entire blog, here are a few recordings that were captured in and around Olympic National Park during my time there…