HISS and a ROAR’s Swish Two — Innovative Crowd-Sourced Ideas

Tim Prebble of HISS and a ROAR recently released the 2nd edition of his Swish series, called “Swish Two.” I already own a few of Tim’s sound effects libraries and before the official release of Swish Two I heard that he was offering a free copy of the library to anyone who contributed an idea that was worth him exploring, and recording, for the release of this library.

To get a free copy of Swish Two the ideas you sent him couldn’t be a repeat of anything that he’d already recorded for his 1st Swish library, and they also had to be interesting and original ideas. I knew that I definitely wanted to get a copy of this library — especially a free one — so I emailed him an idea of mine that I’ve wanted to record for a while now, but just haven’t had the time to record myself.

My idea was to take a book (preferably a lightweight one), drill a hole through it, and then thread a rope or cable through the hole and tie it the book. Then, as you swing the book around all of the pages will flap together in random and unpredictable ways. I also suggested that this could sound really cool if the resulting recording was later slowed down and/or pitched down.

He liked my idea enough to explore it, so I earned myself a free copy of Swish Two! It looks like my idea could’ve possibly contributed to either the “MAGAZINE paper passes” and/or the “PAPER Roll art paper moves rumbles” sounds that are included in Swish Two. Either way it was super cool to hear those sounds in action and to help contribute, along with many others, to a kick-ass new sound library that so many people will get to hear and have fun using in their future projects.

Good times…