Quiet Planet Quiet Planet offers “award-winning nature sounds for independent producers. All of the nature sounds in the NatureSFX series were recorded by Gordon Hempton, The Sound Tracker®. Emmy-winner, author of One Square Inch of Silence, and environmental activist, Hempton has searched the globe for more than three decades to record nature at its most pristine.”

Avosound – is a collective that offers high-quality sound effects and field recordings that come with comprehensive Soundminer metadata. I personally own “Desolation Soundscapes” and can’t recommend it enough when you need outdoor recordings that are free from man-made noises, and even birds. This library really lets you layer up you ambiences and backgrounds to include only the things that you need. They also have libraries from all over the world though, so do look through all of their libraries on offer.

Creative Field Recording Paul Virostek is a field recordist who blogs about almost everything you can think of relating to recording out in the field. His site has articles discussing field recording gear, recording techniques, planning your field recording trips, adding metadata to your recordings, and just about anything else you want or need to know about recording sound effects. Also, see the link below for Airborne Sound, where you can purchase some of his sound effects.

Airborne Sound is a “small collective of field recordists based in Toronto, Canada. We live, breathe, and dream sound effects.” They offer some great sounding field recordings for very reasonable prices and they also periodically have sound libraries that are free (possibly for a limited time). The recordings are extremely well executed and the bundles come with very detailed information about the sounds included in your purchased bundle. All of their sound libraries also include comprehensive Soundminer metadata, making it really easy to navigate through your purchased sound effect libraries.

Hiss and a Roar Sound effects & sound design libraries created by award winning film sound designer Tim Prebble. His libraries “take a different philosophical approach by providing comprehensive thematic collections of high resolution source material, with the sole purpose of helping sound designers achieve their most creative work by access to diverse & highly malleable sounds.”

Glitchmachines “Specialize in creative audio software and forward-thinking sound design for games, multimedia, and music production.” They make some really cool sound libraries if you’re looking for something that doesn’t just sound like every other sound library that you’ve heard before.

SoundWorks Collection A great collection of videos discussing the sound in movies, TV and video games.

Designing Sound “Designing Sound is a resource dedicated to the art and technique of sound design, with the aim of sharing information and knowledge for free.” This is one of my “go to” sites for either reading interviews with sound designers who are discussing the sound of a particular film they worked on or for reading sound design and/or field recording articles about almost anything you can think of.

Tonebenders Podcast “Tonebenders is a collective of sound design professionals sharing their thoughts, ideas, and stories. All aspects of sound design will be up for debate, from field recording, to the final mix, from manipulation to synthesis, from track layouts to secret editing tricks.”

FilmSound This site is dedicated to “the Art and Analyses of Film Sound Design” and has a wealth of information about sound design in film.

The Cleansed The Cleansed is a “post-apocalyptic audio drama podcast” that chronicles the traumatic undoing of society called “The Breaking.” The story starts with an energy crisis that is caused by diminishing fossil fuels. After the electrical grid goes down “things get really bad.” Of all the post-apocalyptic storylines I’ve come across this one really stands out because it sounds like something that could easily happen in the very near future. Go check these guys out to find out what happens next.

Aural Stage Studios The makers of some really great audio drama shows including 1918, Intensive Care, Dialed In, etc. They also offer services such as: Location Recording, Live Sound Mixing, Audio Editing, Audio Repair, Mixing and Sound Design. Go and check out their site to listen to some episodes of their shows, and to find out the rates for the services they offer.

Our Fair City “Our Fair City is a campy post-apocalyptic science fiction radio epic…for the internet.” I recently discovered this talented group of individuals and was fortunate enough to do sound design for a special episode of theirs that is a reinterpretation of the original radio drama version of HG Well’s The War of the Worlds, in commemoration of it’s 75th anniversary.

Ric Viers Ric Viers definitely knows sound effects. He is the author of The Sound Effects Bible and also heads the Blastwave FX company, which offers some amazing sounds. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll click this link.

Danny Meltzer a talented and prolific field recordist who explores the world collecting sounds of nature, among other things. Danny has some sounds available for purchase at SoundDogs, which you can either find by clicking HERE or going to their site and typing in the keyword “Meltzer”.